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Athletic Recovery

Athletic Recovery IV Infusion

Our Athletic Recovery IV Infusion is specially formulated to boost athletic performance and refuel your body’s cells for faster recovery. This IV Infusion is perfect for people that live an athletic or physically fit lifestyle. Whether you are training for a sporting event, athletic competition or competitive event. Our Athletic Recovery IV Infusion is formulated to replenish vital micronutrients and rehydrate your body. Allowing people who work hard and train harder to refuel their body’s cells for faster recovery.

Even with a great diet and oral supplement regimen we see poor reduction of (ROS) reactive oxygen species. A build up of (ROS) reactive oxygen species in the body can damage DNA, RNA and can also lead to cell death. Therefore we created this special IV Infusion to refuel the body’s cells that not only shortens recovery times. But also helps regulate the build up of (ROS) reactive oxygen species in your body. Giving you everything your body needs to train harder, perform longer, and recovery faster!


A proprietary blend of essential amino acids, 8 B vitamins (activated forms of B12 & B9), other essential water soluble vitamins and minerals, & essential antioxidants to facilitate your body’s continuous recovery from an athletically active lifestyle.

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