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Meet Us, CEO Owner, Marc Rodriguez ARNP, Wellness IV Infusion Therapy.

Marc Rodriguez, ARNP

Marc Rodriguez, A Nurse Practitioner is the creator and owner of Wellness Iv Infusion Therapy is enthusiastic about the utilization and progression of biomolecular medicine to restore cellular nutrition, cellular anti-oxidation capacity, cellular regeneration, and overall cellular health with the use of intravenous micro nutrient infusions. Offering the latest in comprehensive intercellular micro nutrient diagnostic testing and intravenous infusion therapies.

After working in hospital medicine for over 5 years and experiencing the increased incidence of chronic disease and level of maintenance attained with modern medicine came an inspiration to achieve optimal health and wellness. While researching and studying cellular biochemistry and the intricacies of how cellular health plays a large role in overall basic health and wellness of the body, it all came to light. The experience of helping clients achieve optimal health & wellness and also overcome some of the most predominant symptoms of cellular aging. It is rewarding seeing such positive results and helping my clients live a healthier lifestyle.

His Training, Experience, & Post Graduate Studies

Barry University (Bachelor & Master on Nursing Science), Nursing experience Cardiovascular Stepdown, Nurse Practitioner experience Hospital Medicine and Post Acute Care Medicine, Post Graduate studies in Functional Medicine, Biomolecular medicine, Redox reaction medicine, and Infusion medicine

Meet Us, Administrative Assistant, Jessica Gordon, Wellness IV Infusion Therapy.

Jessica Gordon Administrative Assistant

Jessica has a background in holistic health and wellness treatments. She also has experience in client relations and practice management from her experience as Manager of the Susan Ciminelli Day Spa located in Bergdorf Goodman, New York. This is her home town, where she is also an artist with degrees in Fine Art & Art Education from New York University and Columbia University.

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