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Stress Relief Relaxation IV Infusion

Are you looking for an all natural way to relieve stress and get some much needed relaxation? Our Stress Relief Relaxation IV Infusion is specially formulated to relieve stress and regulate cortisol levels. This IV Therapy is the perfect way to reduce stress, induce relaxation and feel renewed. Whether your stress is related to family, relationships, finance, home, work, business, or other basic life stressors. Our Stress Relief Relaxation IV Infusion will help your mind and body rest, relax and recover. It also helps improve neurotransmitter release inside the brain which helps promote a relaxed state of mind. So if you are feeling burnt out and in need of stress relief.

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A proprietary blend of essential amino acids, 8 B vitamins (activated forms of B12 & B9), other essential water soluble vitamins and minerals, & essential antioxidants to facilitate your body’s rest, recovery, & relaxation state.


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